Comorbid SUD Services with TJCC

Our team of Addiction Counselors are licensed professionals and are experienced in providing counseling services for a variety of substance abuse and mental health conditions. The treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual patient, and because we believe in a systemic approach to behavioral health, whenever possible, parts of the treatment will include couples counseling in addition to family counseling.

The individual who are struggling with an addiction have much more to defeat than just their dependency on their drug of choice. In most situations, an individual’s attachment and difficulties with substance abuse are not only dependent or limited to the consumption of these substances. Often, the difficulties in maintaining their freedom from these drugs are rooted in a myriad of emotional and social factors. It is on this premise, we, at TJocelyne Counseling & Consulting LLC offer a systemic approach to outpatient substance abuse counseling. These services at times will be complemented by Medically Assisted Treatment on a case-by-case basis.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Individual Counseling is a form of treatment where a licensed addiction counselor will meet sometimes once or twice weekly to provide one-on-one support to a client who has made the decision to recover from an addiction to substances like morphine, heroin, prescription painkillers, or alcohol. Through the provision of weekly Individual therapy, the Therapist may support the individual in identifying possible adverse childhood experiences or other traumatic experiences from the past that might have sustained or promoted the substance use or abuse. The Therapist would work with the client with or without the support of their formal and informal network or systems to establish healthy cognitive patterns about obvious and hidden rational for the continued substance abuse.

The client and his/her/their Therapist would work collaboratively to establish effective skills that will continue to promote the desire for change and maintain their ability to cope with life’s stressors that often lead them or her back to substance use/abuse. The Client is then empowered during each session to take an active role in their treatment by working through achievements and setbacks. Whenever possible and/or allowed by the client, family members are also active in helping the client and his/ her/their team develop strategies that help them to manage compromising situations and commit to personal goals in the here and now and beyond.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a systemic approach to Substance Abuse treatment because we believe most people who find themselves trapped in their drug habits have a hard time finding supportive individuals in their lives who are willing to understand their emotions, patterns of thinking and behaviors that often lead to the substance abuse in the first place. When a client knows that at least one or more people will consistently be there with them through the ups and downs of their recovery, He/She/Them is more likely to stay engaged.

Some of the most common benefits of ongoing outpatient services for substance abuse include:

Reduced anxiety

Improved sense of self-worth

Improved mindfulness

Reduced stress

Decreased sense of isolation during recovery

We accept the following Insurances:

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Always Health Partners: Blue Cross Blue Shield                     

TUFTS Health Plan ( Commercial): Harvard Pilgrim                                

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