Family Counseling with TJCC

Are there tensions within your family?

Do you feel like you’re not being heard?

Are there significant underlying issues between your family members that need to be addressed?

Or are intergenerational differences making it hard to connect?

Even if you all grew up in the same household, you and your family members can be very different people. Large age gaps, natural differences in personalities, contrasting values or beliefs, and much more can lead to conflicts at home between loved ones.

And with even more young people continuing to live in their family home after they reach adulthood, more and more families (over 18% of the US population) are now living in “multi-generational” homes. In these families, people of very different ages and generations have to learn to co-exist.

Each of these challenges and living arrangements can result in disagreements, disengagement, and even serious conflict.

You can improve your relationships, creating authentic communication and respect to begin to heal past or current emotional wounds. You and each member of your family could feel validated, heard, and better understood.

So if these sound like you

– There is a lack of honest or respectful communication within the family

– You feel disconnected, angry, or upset about family members’ behaviors

– You or other family members feel isolated and alone

– There are feelings of judgment or dismissive acts

– You’d like each member to better understand others’ opinions and thoughts

– You’d love to strengthen family bonds and build self-esteem

– You each genuinely want to respectfully resolve conflict and improve your relationships

…Then family counseling may offer the ideal path. Whether aimed at addressing small issues or dealing with potentially relationship-breaking challenges, family therapy can help each person feel valued and connected to the rest of their family unit.

Family counseling also offers evidence-based, compassionate support when coping with changes to the family unit due to divorce, blending families, children leaving home, or death.

In our practice, we provide a non-judgemental, supportive environment to meet your family’s needs. We combined evidence-based techniques and therapies to foster confidence, openness, and respect, and help your family work together to improve relationships with each other and themselves.

By encouraging honest, empathetic communication and implementing family-friendly strategies that aid hearing, healing, and greater clarity, family counseling becomes an empowering process.

We can provide you with the right tools, appropriate approaches, and healthy insights. Client frustrations often ease or disappear, problems become manageable, validation and openness increase, and healthy communication paves the way for calmer, happier relationships and a healthy way forward.

If you’d like us to show you how counseling could help your family find new peace, please contact us today for an appointment.


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